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Tessa Sinclair is a photographer of ‘Place’, whether in the wilderness of Antarctica or on the windswept marshes and heaths closer to home in Suffolk.  Her inspiration is rooted in the discovery of the therapeutic quality that certain places have on us psychologically and emotionally. Her work explores how immersion in nature impacts so powerfully on our state of mind. 

The way her images wrap the viewer into an enclosed space from which you can only imagine what is beyond convey a sense of uncertainty. In others, the viewer is drawn in by an intricate level of detail in the foreground which softens towards the distant horizon, allowing the viewer to linger in the space between with their own thoughts. The contrast between those images with a sense of unease, of things half remembered, and images of places where there is a feeling of serenity conveys the dynamic force of natural places that engages with us when we immerse ourselves in nature. 

Many of her images feature the marks of human presence which invokes that relationship we have with the land we inhabit.  On the surface the images may appear to come from the aesthetic of documenting the landscape but there is no set typology. There is however a subtlety in them which speaks of the spirit of the place, what the place evokes in the viewer rather than a record of the topography of the landscape and therefore they resonate with us on a deep level.  

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