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Tessa Sinclair is a photographer of ‘Place’, whether in the wilderness of Antarctica or the windswept marshes closer to home in Suffolk.  Her inspiration is rooted in the discovery of the therapeutic quality that certain places have on us emotionally. These images explore how that immersion in landscape affects the psyche. Tessa's images draw the viewer in with an intricacy of detail in the foreground. The clarity and definition dissipate towards the horizon creating a space and sense of vagueness for the viewer to linger in. Other images present the viewer with a barrier over which they cannot see, enclosing them within the landscape and creating a sense of uncertainty. Many of her images feature the marks of human presence and invoke that relationship we have with our environment; with the land we inhabit.  On the surface they appear to come from the aesthetic of documenting the landscape but there is no set typology. There is a subtlety in them which speaks more of the spirit of the place, what the place evokes in our inner world rather than recording the topography of the landscape and therefore they reach us at a deeper level.  

Her experience from the perspective of being a doctor has given her a knowledge of the stresses that we can all come under at times with the feeling that there is no way out, no release.  Even so the personal discovery of the strength of this quality of being ‘in nature’ was a revelation.  It is something that she shares with the viewer in her images.  She has documented some of the overlooked and remotest places in Suffolk and elsewhere in a haunting style.

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